Saturday, 21 August 2010


Hey hey, so I haven't been on in a while purely because I've been damaging my liver and having fun NOT in England for the past 3 weeks. (1 in Portugal).

I can safely say that was the best holiday YET so far, but sadly has now cause my depression and lack to move out of bed for the past week. (Its now 14:10 and I'm in bed).
Okay so lets get one thing straight.

I go to a independant girls day & boarding school in Rickmansworth and have done for 10 years. (BORE!)
It's safe to say this school has nice people in it BUT it's full of wannabees, if you have money you flash it. And its not even a well known school.

In Corfu I did not meet 1 person who had heard of 'The Royal Masonic School For Girls'.
Argh and all that school's done for me is produce a unconfident girl who produces shit grades and is depressed!!

But in Corfu EVERYBODY goes to boaridng/ mixed boarding and it's like a little community, as these schools EVERYBODY has money so no one flaunts it, okay so I get the mick taken out of me for obsessing over posh accents and the lifestyle (which I fit in so well with!). But at least I fit in like that! Just in Corfu I met genuine people who I could actually relate to and which has now caused my depression I am yet to find 'Mr Perfect' in Buckinghamshire. (no offence if youre from there).

So that holiday really made me realise the type of person I am and the type of people I want to hang around with.

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