Sunday, 24 July 2011


I'm surprised I'm even still attempting to write here.
It's been a crazy month and my opinion of blogging changes daily. Nevertheless, I'm being an utter hypocrit and telling the public world my feelings and thoughts regardless.
I've been on summer for about a month now and as quickly as it's gone, a lot has happened which has influenced and changed me as a person.
My first week was spent meeting new, various people and getting a little too drunk a little too often.
The next 2 were painfully spent doing work experience at Oxford Street doing Fashion buying and Pr above topshop. As glamorous as it sounds, it was anthing but that. Lesson learnt that I want to pursue a career in anything BUT fashion. The atmosphere is dull, bitchy and uncomfortable, in the least judgemental way possible I felt that everyone who worked there lacked in intellect and charisma. It didn't help that the extremely camp man whose desk was opposite mine liked to blast Capital radio all day. However, working above Topshop and next to Urban Outfitters was LETHAL. I now understand why my balance has dropped dramatically.
Despite the day's being dull and never ending, I made sure I filled my evenings wisely e.g. Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons in Hyde Park!!! As much as I would have liked to have been tipsy, the vibe was still incredible and I've never enjoyed dancing and singing along so much in such a cramped space.
The following week I headed to Portugal with 7 of my closest friends. We stayed at my best friends beautiful villa which I have been to before but this year was just memory filled. I did some lifechanging things which for now I have no regrets but am anxious this laid-back approach I'm taking may change. If any of you are remotely close to me you will understand where I;m coming from. If I'm perfectly honest I have been lying to myself all week saying I am fine with the aftermath of things but I'm not! Of course I would have liked things to have developed and share actual emotions. I have allowed myself to be used, and depsite maybe gaining a better reputation in looks. I've learnt that they do not gain respect nor do they help with people wanting to get to know you! I;m fed up and will just say that I want a relationship!! Is that so wrong?? Being a girl, we overthink the smallest of things and create perfect scenarios which we know will never happen. The reality of things is brutal but it so appears at this horrible age of 16, under going the task of 'searching' for the right person is utterly pointless. 

Despite that rant of unwanted feelings, I did have a good week and had the biggest laughs every day and will look back on that week to never forget.


Arcade Fire intro

So lying in bed now at approx 2.41, not sleeping due to overthinking, heat and laziness.
I hope people who know me or know of me who read this don't think of me anyless. I can honestly see why people slate people who have blogs, they write their inner thoughts on a public website. But maybe it's a cry for attention? We all have one every once in a while.

Any ho, I'll leave you with a few tunes to reflect your deep side.

Arcade Fire - Sprawl ii (mountains beyond mountains)

All Saints - Pure Shores

The Killers - Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek

Nothing unknown or original but all cracking songs which are personal to me


Sunday, 19 June 2011


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Omggg been away forevs, I've had GCSE's, and I'm still currently doing them. They're going okay but I ridiculously scared if I don't get the grades for my new school.......As I always say fingers crossed
Just a quick update with photos...
Last day at Rms......

My galdem TD

Getting ready fo my aunties party at the Savoy

Holiday in easter


Being my dad's chauffeur around the golf course

 So that's my life summed up in the past few months....
If any of you knew me really well you'd know my crazy obsessions with horror/ thriller movies...
I'm talking about crappy remakes, I mean the originals.... 
The Shining, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs and my personal favourite Scream... I have a weird fascination/ attraction to the killers in them, God forbid why but I can't help but attach myself to them. Who knew someone could find psychotic behavior a turn on. 
One other thing... my mum got me a good luck plant for my exams (yes plant) and I always said that when the plant dies so will my ability in my exams. IT'S DYING!!!!!!!!!! I have so many superstitions it's ridic.
But anyway someone pray for me!!!!
Finally I'll post some songs from my current playlist ......

Bird and the Bee - Preparedness

Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts

Tricky - Hell is around the corner (Sampled from Portishead- Glorybox)

Pixies - Where is my mind

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I am an absolute huge fan of Radiohead and have been since I can remember...
Their new album came and was not disappointed,
check out this song in particular - its called little by little

Also ages ago on the 'Social Network' trailer a choir cover of Creep was played and I can't stop playing it! It is so beautiful !

Saturday, 2 April 2011

What has been on my mind?

I have come to the conclusion I hate the word indie. I hate generalisation. I do not want to embody a certain stereo type which follows a specific culture. 
I don't need to change my thoughts and views to impress people. I like alternative depressing music but I also love S Club 7, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera!! Why should I be ashamed of that?
I'm not 'different' and I don't try to be different. Is it fair to judge one for being themselves? No, is it fair to comment about someone's looks when it is the one thing they cannot change about themself? No.
So are my guilty pleasures really guilty? I adore American drama's, don't get me even started on The Vampire Diaries. I love it!!! But I also love Radiohead and unknown bands!!
Can I not just be like that and a nice person without being criticised or judged?
Evidently not because this is a cruel world!

Rant over :)

Just some songs, photos over the past month...

Look I'm smiling properly in the 3rd!! This is a rare occurance!!

Bat for Lashes - Siren

The Strokes - You only live once

All old but gave them all a listen again! 
BTW Radiohead's album came today (ironic?), and just ordered Strokes, Cage the elephants etc...!!!

Any ho I'm off to watch Vampire Diaries as per 
Tata xxxxx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

March Playlist

1. Chopin - Nocturne, a very famous classical composition which relaxes me
2. Since seeing Black Swan, Tchaikovsky has been back on the playlist
3. The Ronettes - Be my Baby (I watched Dirty Dancing very recently)
4. Sting - Shape of my heart ( a really beautiful song and a favourite of my familys. Has some soothing spanish guitar in there also.)
5. Radiohead - Lotus Flower ( their new song was bound to be on here! )
6. The Strokes - Undercover of Darkness (as was The Strokes!)
7. Akron/ Family - Don't be afraid, you're already dead (Song I liked recently on Skins)
8. Aretha Franklin - Natural Women (A bit of motown is essential)
9. Dionne Warwick - Walk on By (As is anything by Burt Bacharach)
10. Best Coast- Happy (A new band, I adore this short song of theirs. I get this same image in my head everytime I listen)
11. Bobby Vinton - Sealed with a kiss (This song is about 40 years old, but I think it is by far my favourite song at the moment. It's very mysterious and soothing and the vocals are immense.)
12. Cage the Elephant - Shake me Down (One of my fave bands)
13. Sleigh Bells - Kids
14. The Sonics - Have love, will travel
15. The Strange boys - Be Brave (Ultimate chilled song)
16. Toots and the Maytals - It must be true love (THE ultimate lift mooder, ska is always essential)
17. Plumb - Cut (Purely because it plays in my favourite scene from Vampire Diaries)

Honestly, each and every song on this playlist is immense!