Saturday, 2 April 2011

What has been on my mind?

I have come to the conclusion I hate the word indie. I hate generalisation. I do not want to embody a certain stereo type which follows a specific culture. 
I don't need to change my thoughts and views to impress people. I like alternative depressing music but I also love S Club 7, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera!! Why should I be ashamed of that?
I'm not 'different' and I don't try to be different. Is it fair to judge one for being themselves? No, is it fair to comment about someone's looks when it is the one thing they cannot change about themself? No.
So are my guilty pleasures really guilty? I adore American drama's, don't get me even started on The Vampire Diaries. I love it!!! But I also love Radiohead and unknown bands!!
Can I not just be like that and a nice person without being criticised or judged?
Evidently not because this is a cruel world!

Rant over :)

Just some songs, photos over the past month...

Look I'm smiling properly in the 3rd!! This is a rare occurance!!

Bat for Lashes - Siren

The Strokes - You only live once

All old but gave them all a listen again! 
BTW Radiohead's album came today (ironic?), and just ordered Strokes, Cage the elephants etc...!!!

Any ho I'm off to watch Vampire Diaries as per 
Tata xxxxx


  1. Gorgeous photos :) Amazing style x

  2. ha 'rant over :)' love how you guys style translates a i don't care attitude. great music choices!

  3. I'm not 'different' and I don't try to be different. Is it fair to judge one for being themselves? - that is so terribly true!

  4. Ignore what everyone says, im into quite a range of music [i went to see the saturdays then a few days later i went to see the pigeon detectives:')] + mostly quite boring 'follow the crowd' people try to label me as something im not. I think you dress gorgeous, and your music taste is fab-the strokes<3 Your shoes in the top photo are beautiful aswell!x