Wednesday, 9 March 2011

March Playlist

1. Chopin - Nocturne, a very famous classical composition which relaxes me
2. Since seeing Black Swan, Tchaikovsky has been back on the playlist
3. The Ronettes - Be my Baby (I watched Dirty Dancing very recently)
4. Sting - Shape of my heart ( a really beautiful song and a favourite of my familys. Has some soothing spanish guitar in there also.)
5. Radiohead - Lotus Flower ( their new song was bound to be on here! )
6. The Strokes - Undercover of Darkness (as was The Strokes!)
7. Akron/ Family - Don't be afraid, you're already dead (Song I liked recently on Skins)
8. Aretha Franklin - Natural Women (A bit of motown is essential)
9. Dionne Warwick - Walk on By (As is anything by Burt Bacharach)
10. Best Coast- Happy (A new band, I adore this short song of theirs. I get this same image in my head everytime I listen)
11. Bobby Vinton - Sealed with a kiss (This song is about 40 years old, but I think it is by far my favourite song at the moment. It's very mysterious and soothing and the vocals are immense.)
12. Cage the Elephant - Shake me Down (One of my fave bands)
13. Sleigh Bells - Kids
14. The Sonics - Have love, will travel
15. The Strange boys - Be Brave (Ultimate chilled song)
16. Toots and the Maytals - It must be true love (THE ultimate lift mooder, ska is always essential)
17. Plumb - Cut (Purely because it plays in my favourite scene from Vampire Diaries)

Honestly, each and every song on this playlist is immense!

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