Friday, 4 March 2011


Soz peeps but I have been in a weird state AS PER. Basics, last week I bought Vampire Diaries Season 1 to watch and to put it this way... I watched 22 40 minute episodes in 3 days...

It is EVERYTHING I love in a tv show being a teenager and all
1. The perfect couple
2. The perfect man with a mysterious backround (TEAM STEFAN btw ANTI DAMON!!!!)
3. Interesting storylines which don't repeat, (Gossip girl is really coming to an end...)
4. Good soundtrack
5. And most importantly FANTASY!!!

As much as I hate to admit I was a hugeeeeeeeee Twilight fan, but this is just another level in my eyes.
Well my sister used to be obsessed with Buffy which I would say is pretty similar, maybe without the black comedy.
I don't know what it is but this fictional vampire has taken over my life! I can't think for over 30 minutes without thinking about this tv show and replaying scenes in my head. For example
This scene has me in tears every time !
It's shocking how much my 14 year old tendencies have returned. I am quite literally the typical 16 year old girl!
The worrying thing though is that it is totally affecting my concentration in school, I can't think straight without relating something to it. My homework diary is covered in characters names. This is so unlike me! The worst thing is I even have a countdown on my calender to when each episode comes out. I feel for my friends who have to put up with me, actually in some cases I don't for I have had to put up with endless conversations over the Bieber! (Which I still don't get)
So I advise you, if you yourself are like me DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. It makes me happy watching it but when I am not, I am bitterly depressed to the extent I have withdrawal symptoms. I have watched every interview, scene, behind the scenes, read every wikipedia page.
So this is why I am lacking posts ETC... Due to an insane obsession over a fictional relationship between a fictional vampire and girl.

Much love xx


The two songs which feature in my favourite scene and sad scene

Plumb - Cut (The scene where they first 'make love')

Athlete - Wires SUCH a tearjerker (definitely emphasizes the crying in the scene)

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  1. wow. i haven't heard anyone say they like (or even watch) this show. so i will not watch it because i don't like twilight and because you advised us not to. and i don't understand the beiber thing either, short guys bother me.