Tuesday, 21 September 2010

GO away!!

Right so I just had my first argument of the year cause I'm a 'stirrer'. This is the last thing I need right now and this is the reason I am leaving that pathetic pathetic school, I am sick of being the bloody punchbag! YES PUNCHBAG. Do I do things to embarrass myself on purpose? No

Do I like to embarrass myself? No

Do I need to remind and be made fun of? NO NO NO

I am a human being! Being made fun of 24/7 isn't all great fun! For once I would like to be taken seriously! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!!!!

This is why I have a blog so I can escape and no one will judge me or laugh at me

So yes going back to the argument BASICS

my friend told me and my friend something but I didn't hear so the other friend told me, and I took it the wrong way so I asked this person whether it were true and so I used the word 'date' purely to see if it was in that way. THAT IS IT, my actions are not intended to hurt people. I was only being curious by asking?! BLADSKJDFNCKSZJFNB I DON'T NEED THIS KIND OF IMMATURE CRAP IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW

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