Sunday, 26 September 2010

Well atm due to my SHOCKING grades from exams last year I have to work twice as hard this year. This means that I am only allowed out 1 day every weekend!
And typically I fell ill this day!
None the less I still got dressed and ended up spending the day with my mummy and got some things to cheer me up!

Because my mother and I are quite the opposite she depends on my Daddy and I to get clothes for her. BUT I forced her to get stuff today (maybe a few hundred pounds too many spent) But her treat for me were these beautiful baby's!!

I bought these 2 dvd's because I had a budget of £20 and I have heard extremely positive reviews on 'An Education' plus its set in British 60's!

I actually watched 'Nick & Norah's Infinitive Playlist' last night and I won't lie and say I enjoyed it, I didn't. I thought it was quite dull and the storyline was weak and of course Michael Cera plays his usual repetitive awkward teenager character.

Okay so I was very ill here so just don't look at my pale face and flat hair! But I am wearing...

A blue striped shirt : Topshop
Grey cropped sweater: Urban Outfitters
Purple velvet skirt and spider web tights: Urban Outfitters
Grey Blazer: Vintage
Big Specs: Vintage Ralph Lauren
and DM's


  1. aahhh. luv those shoes!!! and both are great movies. glad u went out, hope u feel better.

  2. Will be needing to see those shoes, and I now have to see 'An Education'