Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Perfect Man

-6ftish tall
-Medium built, I don't mind skinny but not rakey
-Good features, nice jawline and generally attractive
-Well styled hair
-Has that mysteriousness to them
-Witty and charming
-Listens all the time
-Not clingy but not distant
-Has a lot of intellect
-Extremely polite to public and especially family and parents
-Likes Archie (my dog)
-Likes small children
-Is interested in everything I do
-Is extremely stylish
-Comes from a good middle class British family
-Went to decent school
-Has a nice accent
-Likes the exact same music as me
-Very outgoing
-Can be very manly but at the same time be really cute
-Has decent friends
-Plays tennis, rugby etc...
-Knows how to make me happy
-Is quirky and free minded
-Makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world
-Can hold conversation for hours
-Is very social and makes an effort with my friends
-Can dance
-Is passionate in certain ways ;)

This person does exist in my dreams

Jude Law's character from 'The Holiday' is a perfect example

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