Sunday, 31 October 2010

a t l a s t

I got so excited this weekend because I haven't been shopping with my mum in ages. We just went to Oxford Street because I needed basic winter clothes and I couldn't be bothered to spend hours trying to find the perfect jacket.

SO I bought the bowler hat first which is kinda hard to see but I have been wanting one for yonks so finally.

Then after a lot of speculation of what type of coat to buy. I took my mummy's opinion because I like to please her :). The choice were a duffel coat but she said it will remind her of me going to school when I was little.
Then the aviator jacket which are nice but everyone is getting them and you don't wanna look like the crowd!
So as I am all about comfort I went for a huge white fluffy coat which will pretty much go over everything.

On Friday I went to a party and I am totally out of party outfits so I put together an outfit which mum got fo me.
The deep red bralette which I adore! New found colour which suits my pale tone. With this I got a fake leather black skirt.
And to finish the outfit I bought the feather earrings.

I bought the blue shorts as well. Tee hee OH and I got new skinny jeans but they're not very exciting.

New Movies

History Boys
The Goonies
Son Of Rambow
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

I'll tell you what I think duhhhhhhh!


  1. howd u get ur mom to buy u that? ha.