Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Just to bore you...

Sorry guys no pictures because my internet on my laptop is seeming to fail me, hence I have resorted to the family PC.

This week has been rediculously busy, I like it.
At the weekend I had my Bradfield assessment day, this was the first choice school. So the day basically included getting A Level talks and then I had 2 interviews. Everyone seemed pretty friendly, one guy I immediately recognised but pretended I didn't know him and acted cool. Surprisingly he approached me amd clearly recognised me, had a brief awkward conversation and that was that.
As I was staying the evening I went to my potential house, again everyone was friendly but I couldn't help but feel not with it. I felt to lazy to socialize partially because no one interesting had come across me.
The reason I want to move schools is to get a taste of different people but I felt that these people were very similar to the experience I go through at school. Nice but mainstream.
Any ho, I don't think my room mate liked me. So I went to dinner and met another girl who I have connections with. Dinner was okay but I WAS SO BORED!! Talk about people having decent conversations. Eventually I went back to the house, watched X Factor and acted like everyone else. Then I went to bed possibly the earliest I had been in approx 2 years. Enough said really.

So I'm starting to have second thoughts whether this school really is for me...

Any ho, who knows. I had a re take yesterday and I'm safe to say it went OKAY, fingers crossed for that well deserved A!

TODAY, I had another interview at Shiplake. And depsite the constant drug claims I hear about the school. I quite like it.

SO who knows!!!!!!!

BTW next post will be about new issue of Vogue, absolutely love Dec issue (despite not being a Vogue fan)

Look foward to it............

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