Tuesday, 2 November 2010

More and more

More and more things I am finding to put on my xmas list!
Okay so...

Main Presents
• Photoshop
• Voucher to redecorate my room
• Mini Camcorder
• Bed Throw

• ONE Piece suit
• Faux Fur waist coat
• Tweed Blazer
• Sweater with elbow patches
• American Apparel voucher
• Small Hoop earrings
• Mulberry Alexa Bag

• High heels in this style

I adore tweed at the moment, its smart and elegant. I've also been needing a bold statement garment and I thought what better than a fur gilet so spice up a wintery outfit in cold England!

As I'm growing up I love to wear heels in the day. These loafers will be perfect for a casual day out.


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  2. :O Well you are going to be a lucky girl on the 25th of December, I like tweed too!

  3. i really like those shoes!