Wednesday, 24 November 2010

'The Punchbag'

I have finally come with a name that means something to me. The Punchbag is inspired from my personal experience at school, FYI I am not physically bullied or bullied in any sense!

I just get made fun of... a lot and I HATE it. I have a short temper and my aquaintences do love to wind me up frequently. I suppose this is because I have very different views on everything.

It's hard to explain.

I had a really really really bad day at school today and blogging seems to be the only inspiring thing in my life at the moment.

SO I'm gonna keep going and trying my best to be happy.

Me and Frey Frey


  1. i really like this name, but i think u should put back up 'life is obscenely over rated' cuz that was really brilliant to me. have u ever seen a show Caprica on sci-fi. sometimes u remind of the girl named zoe in it. long comment, but just want to say keep blogging!