Monday, 29 November 2010


I just really despise school at the moment. Well I have always despised school but the past week has just been dreadful. Being at school makes me cry,
I have no one to talk to, none of my teachers particularly like me or think anything of me. Its not as though I'm think I am clever but my teachers don't think that. Well that's a lie the clever ones do believe in me, but the clueless dappy ones who don't know me well really don't think anything of me.

There are 2 teachers who I really respect and they are the intelligent ones who really motivate me to do well. Strangely they are my two weakest subjects which are English and Geography.

None the less before I drown in my own tears I will listen to some mellow albums such as...

Fleet Floxes
Stornoway and
Bon Iver

Unhappy me :(

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