Monday, 20 December 2010


So I have had the busiest weeks, having 20 cousins isn't easy. But because I am such a lovely daughter i've done all the xmas shopping for her. Oxford Street is basically my hometown ATM, nevertheless I have quite enjoyed spending large amounts of money despite none of it being for me. I apologise for the quality of photos, my camera is still broken HOWEVER I have ordered the spare bit which will fix it. BUT due to Englands vast weather conditions (SNOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!) I'm not sure whether it will arrive in time for XMAS.

Despite everyone hating the snow I have LOVED it, years people have prayed a white xmas and now it's come, everyone is so unappreciative!
My dad has decided to get 4 xmas tree's 4! But I love it! Absolutely love it, dad and I have put in so much effort to make the house festive. On other news, my parents had their annual xmas party which was surprisingly good. My dad was hilariously drunk to which he cried! Genius, so that was my update for the last week!

Btw the song is Tha Maccabee's cover of 'Walking in the Air' - Absolute beauty!

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