Saturday, 11 December 2010

So my (excuse my language) MOTHERFUCKING camera has decided to break, my baby!!!!!

So I was going to post all nice photos of my christmas tree’s but I can’t, so I’ve done a webcam one of my tree in my room. I love it.

So basics I had a father daughter quality time day today and I loved it, me and daddy are so similar and we went to Oxford Street to get more (yes more) decorations for the house. We went into John Lewis and Selfridges and I can safely say had multiple orgasms at the sight of the christmas section. So £400 later the house looks amazing! Now waiting for mummy to come home for christmas!!!!

Also my room is tidy!!!!!! Just sayin

BTW Excuse me looking about 10 I just went to see Hazza P for the 3rd time with my dad and I was dressed all smartly

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  1. ugh u make me want to hp again soooooooo bad. i loved it. and i ttly just had the same prob with my sewing machine, its dying i swear.