Monday, 24 January 2011

A day in the Life of...

Warning I may bore you you endlessly but this post is really for me to reflect on my dull middle class life.
On school days I usually attempt to wake up at 5 past 7 despite that, the snooze button is hit 2 or 3 times. As I get up I immediately brush my teeth longing to get morning breath away. I then grunt as I put on my uniform and pack my school bags whilst my mum shouts at me for not waking up earlier. After I make my 5 minute car journey to the bus stop where I then wait in the cold longing for the bus to arrive any minute trying very best to hide myself if any local school boys walk past.
Once the coach I arrives, I go on and immediately sit next to my friend Tamara in which I am greeted with a smile and often a few minutes small talk and then the ipod is turned on for the 15 minute journey. I drive past the same school kids each day and time whether they will be late for school or not. The coach arrives into the Royal Masonic school for girls and the ipod is switched off. I then make my way to my classroom avoiding any awkward eye contact with teachers or people. I then have morning registration in which I usually catch up with friends and prepare for first lesson. For the first lesson I struggle to concentrate purely because I'm lacking sleep. Once that lesson is over I make my way over to the dining hall for break, then the next 2 double periods are a daze and am mostly thinking of food or daydreaming about certain fantasies....

The lunchtime bell rings at 1.. phew thank god, I then wonder round school till I find someone from my friendship group and we debate whether to sneak into lunch early, we go to the queue and barge past lower years before we eagerly make our way into lunch. As i eagerly choose food which most of the time I won't eat. Coming out the cafeteria I panic where my friends are until I see them. Every day, our table are told off for too noisy from our silly acts or something else. My friends then complain and ask why I don't eat and my answer is the same that 'I don't like school food' (despite being starving from no breakfast). Once lunch is over I have my last double lesson in which all I am thinking about is 4.00 (end of school). Then the beloved bell goes as I race out of school to the coach where I settle and peacefully turn my ipod on. I mostly give the younger years evil to subtly tell them to shut up and occasionally if i have the guts to actually shout at them.

My bus stops at my stop (the first stop) and I get off and look for my dad who is usually in the supermarket debating what to have for dinner, by this time I will have grabbed my after school snack (from no lunch or breakfast) and get a latte. I get home greet my mum and dog and tell them about my day in which usually my mum isn't listening because she's deeply into her emails. I then make my way to my bedroom, turn on some music, check facebook, daily mail, tumblr, twitter and lastly blogger to see if anyone has written or posted something interesting.

I pretty much spend most of my evening in my room doing this for the rest of the evening except dinner which I eat slowly. Standard conversations at the dinner table are usually about holidays or weekend arrangements. Mum goes back to work, dad watches tv and I go back upstairs. Usually at this time I'm contemplating whether to have a bath/ watch a film/ revise or ring someone. Bath usually wins. After some facebook stalking, I have deep thinks about people, life and the future. My thinking place is my toilet seat, (lid closed obv). I just think and think about everything and everyone, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. By 10 I'm most likely carried away with something then realise I should be getting ready for bed but no I decide to put on an outfit instead randomly.

By 10.30 I realise a homework due tomorrow and quickly get it over with.

This is my boudoir, my place of rest in its rare tidy state. I have my deepest thoughts here and I hate people invading it.

So that is the average day of my dull life.

And this is me in my uniform with my daily cuppa.

How exciting! Naaaaaaaaaat

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  1. ha. cool post. somehow this seems more exciting than my lagging around not wanting to do school work but bored if i don't.