Friday, 14 January 2011

It appears I have started a trend

I think last year, this whole 'blog' idea came out. I used it as an excuse to escape the people I hate on facebook and basically use it as an online diary whilst posting interesting films/ music/ clothes etc... I know people get irritated when I claim things like this, but I'll just be really sad if it comes to the point this blog isn't as secret or becomes a normal thing. Oh well.

I would say this is more becoming of a site where I post about things I've seen or whatnot.
For example... A clockwork Orange,
I'd heard good things about this film but also that it is dark and violent. The point of the film is very confusing but very clever and unless you see that, then it looks like just a violent, odd film. But it is soo much more than that.

P.s. I've decided to go as Alex to the next fancy dress party

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  1. interesting. like shutter island for me. i was so confused during that movie. except this is totally different.