Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Summary of 2010

Best things

1. Getting into my first choice school

2. Shaving my hair

3. Corfu/ Portugal / New York / Skiing

4. Becoming close with Trudy, Freya and Alisha

5. Gossip Girl moments ( Chuck/ Blair/ Piano)

6. Getting a keyboard

7. Harry Potter coming out

8. Discovering John Hughes Movies

(Thats all I can think of)

Bad things

1. Flopping my Gcse modules

2. Generally failing school

3. Falling out with friends

4. Drifting from friends

5. Having stuff stolen from my home from people I know

6. Justin Bieber

7. Lack of good television

8. Lack of interesting/ nice/ different people

9. Geography Lessons


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  2. love your hair and yes, georgraphy lessons are an utter bore. gossip girl has been amazing though, especially the clothes, paris episodes were particulary great.

  3. mmmm ttly agree with justin beiber, worst. and if you could plz tell me what song was used in the video of your previous post???

  4. Its called Always like this - Bombay Bicycle Club X