Monday, 7 February 2011

Think before you speak

So I'm ill, lonely and a little out of place.

I need to make something clear about what I think.
It seems like the majority of people think that I'm a wannabe but the ones that know me love me and have always accepted me for who I am because they don't judge me from my facebook photo's or status'.
I have always had the same music taste, I have always liked everything that I like now! So why can't people accept that hey I don't want to dress the same as most people because I like to look different! And why should I be called a wannabe for that?
I'm lucky that I have confidence to wear my clothes but at the same time I am very sensitive about peoples opinions of me.
Are they jealous? Or just don't like me? But how can they not like me if they don't even know me properly?
I am a nice person! I talk like everyone else! Why should I not be treated like everyone else just because I dress differently and like different music!

I am fully aware that there are other people just like me who have the same taste in life but there are so many more people like the ones who don't like me!

All my life my family have told me to be myself, and when I take on this advice I get dissed and gain no respect. How is this fair?! I'm a nice person, I have manners, etiquette, I want to have fun like every other teenager but people make this so hard!

I don't think any less of people that like mainstream music or tv or whatever. Do you not remember grown ups telling you to treat people how you would like to be treated. Why is this not the case with me?

Just think before you bitch about someone, what have they actually done to you?

So next time when you're on facebook, remember you're behind a computer screen with a blank face. If you're going to be a bitch, earn some decensy and say it to their face or say nothing at all.

Because it hurts the other side to know that people dislike you for no valid reason except for being or (trying in their case) to be different.

So, instead of joining along with the others on a facebook status about someone else, why don't you actually see how the person is who is being victimised. It would make their day and trust it feels good once you know you have done a decent thing and it is things like that that earn you respect.


  1. i wholely agree with all of this. i don't even have a facebook and my friends always seem to complain about bitchy things people say on it than good things about it. which gives me the immpression they're no good things. as for being different and feeling out of the loop, i feel that all the time. i don't even go to a school! for me being different is all i have against those mean people. while they are cookie cutter i'll go on to do amazing things they could never conceive. i do have those days they make me feel like crap, but still think you one them up with your individualism.