Thursday, 30 September 2010

I wanna be

I just wanna be one of those cool people in London who I admire now. Doing some cool arty job. Who wouldn't? Living in a nice little flat, smoking camels with my other cool London friends pretending to do all that indie/ alternative shit to make us look deep and different.

I wanna have some chilled boyfriend who understands how I work.
I wanna photography London and people and maybe just maybe even discover something new.
I wanna be even more of a musical genius, attending exclusive gigs in the heart and soul of the city.
I want people to stop and stare at me walking down the street,
I want them to notice me.
I wanna become a regular in a coffee shop on my way to work and I wanna be able to come home feeling safe and warm and welcome.
I wanna read 'Good Housekeeping' Magazine and I wanna pretend like I understand and am interested in every detail of Vogue.
I wanna have a wall in my flat covered in lyrics and meaningful memories.
I wanna meet up with my sister for latte and talk about her future children and her business man husband (her current boyf now)
I wanna go clubbing with my sister!
I want to find something I am truely talented at
I wanna meet a gorgeous, mysterious boy who wears chequed shirts and skinny jeans and brogues and hats and glasses and I wanna play the 'hard to get' game until it becomes a tense and passionate relationship.
I wanna read classic novels and pretend I know what's going on.
I want to wear trousers and blazers and dye my hair blue and pink and not smile in photos.
I wanna be in one of those quirky friendship groups you see at festivals having a jolly good time and not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks cos you're the coolest people there.
I wanna be like that

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  1. check, check, check, all (well most) of the above. u have planned out my dream life.