Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Nick Drake

When I was little my dad used to rave about Nick Drake, and being a 7 year old I despised him.
I obviously preferred listening to S Club 7.

We even visited his grave (it happened to be near a friends house)

Only now as I grow up I've started to appreciate how he was one the best song writers ever to lived. And of course as the fate of any good musician he died at only 26 of an overdose.

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  1. I discovered Nick Drake through a friend. I was memorized at the sound I was hearing. I prayed that I could eventually play like that on the guitar. That was 14 years ago. I can now play many of his songs. I also created a special page for guitarist interested in learning his music with all of his tunings and song information on one page, here http://www.gtdb.org/guitar-tunings-db/nick-drake-complete-guitar-tuner